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Right here at Timeshare Leisure you can PURCHASE & SELL your Timeshare or book your holiday, from a carefully selected range of some of the most popular, top class resorts in South Africa.

Holiday Rentals:
Specialising in (minimum) '7 night stay' or full weekly accommodation 7,14,21 nights only.

First have a look at our resorts on offer, and then contact us here so that we may help you explore your options.


Why Rent?

Holiday rentals are an ideal alternative to hotels, providing more space, privacy and comfort for your money.  By booking one of these holiday apartments, suites or cabanas, you get more than just a room to sleep in: A holiday rental is an experience in living like a local at your destination.

A holiday rental is extremely cost effective and a great way to plan a budget holiday.  The cost per person is often significantly lower than what you pay at a hotel,
saving up to 50% on the average family hotel stay.

Furthermore, all units are fully serviced daily, including fresh towels and toiletries. Beach towels are available on request.

Errol Mande (CEA)